1. Piano Proficiency Requirements for Transfer Students at 4-Year Universities

  2. Piano Proficiency Requirement for Transfer Students at SDSU

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Feedback from Former Music Majors

Regarding Piano Study at  San Diego Mesa College.

"I wish that I had taken all your piano classes long before I had attempted any music theory! It would have made much more sense and I wouldn’t have had to struggle with the abstract concepts--everything from intervals to fugue!"

    – Martha Bock

"I think it is a good idea for AMP students to take piano. At my school now, there are four [required] semesters of piano…If I didn't take your piano classes at Mesa before transferring, I probably would've had to start with Piano I at Long Beach. I think along with theory and ear training, piano is one of the more important classes to take...it's a good idea to take piano at a JC so they can either test out of the class or go into a higher level piano course like I did. It will save them time when at a 4 year institute."

    – Lamia Mazegue, Voice Performance Major at CSU, Long Beach

"I just wanted to thank you for your instruction at Mesa. I was able to pass out of a year

@ SDSU...I think the AMP students should be required to take piano. Out of all the music classes I took at Mesa (I took a quite a bit), piano and theory/ear training were the most beneficial. If I could go back in time I probably would have taken all four piano classes at Mesa so I could have tested out of more classes [at SDSU]. The cost benefit of taking classes like piano, theory and ear training is huge [and] that is enough reason for students to take piano at Mesa, not to mention the fact that it helps overall musicianship."

            – Katrina Schnorr, Clarinet Performance Major at San Diego State University

"I STRONGLY believe piano should be the second instrument a musician should know how to play after their first instrument they love. No matter what, I always find the piano to be the foundation. And I feel blessed to have had wonderful teachers. I think it is the fact you are all really thorough when you teach and you all care a lot for the students. Once we get to 4 year we are super prepared!"

    – Christian Robles,  recording engineer for Chuchito Valdes’ new album, Other Side of Me  (2012), Double major, Music Industry and Recording Arts at CSU, Chico

"I did not take any piano courses at Mesa. Knowing what I do now about my music program at UCSB, I would take more classes of piano and theory before transfer if I could do it again, because it helps lessen the load of remedial courses that I or others would have to take after transferring."

    – Patricia Grace Reyes, Ethnomusicology at UC Santa Barbara

"At Mesa I took Piano I, II, and III and your Jazz Piano Theory I and II. Piano I-III really helped me learn proper technique…In fact, learning all the scales (and different modes taught in Jazz Theory) helped me a lot in translating to the trumpet those same scales. The tediousness of practice measure-by-measure in learning how to put the two hands together is a great practice technique which I’ve translated into my study of trumpet and definitely helped my consistency and accuracy."

    – JR Guernsey, Trumpet, Freelance musician